This UNICEF social experiment gone wrong makes everyone question what’s wrong with our society, how we would personally react in the situation in the experiment, and the responsibilities that we all have as humans living together on this planet.

Personally, this video was very hard for me to watch because I have a 5 year old going on 6. The video brought immediate tears to my eyes… and it’s not just because I’m a completely sap that cries even in Disney movies. It’s amazing how having kids automatically makes mothers sympathize with other children as if they were our own.

I wanted to reach through the damn screen and shake these bastards and yell, shout, scream… whatever, “LOOK, you asshole!! This is a child! She is a kid. She is asking to be fed. She’s not asking you to take her into your home! She just wants to survive. How dare you. How DARE you ignore a starving child and go about your meal like everything’s okay. It’s not. It’s not okay you heartless beast. You must not have any children of your own you poor excuse of a human being!”

And then… I start to question myself. See, I’m not the only person who feels such strong emotions towards videos where kids, people, animals are being treated poorly. I always think ‘If that were me in that video I would NEVER act that way…,’ or would I?

How many people in these videos that are the ones mistreating also watch videos and think ‘I would never do that… if it was me in that video, I would absolutely help.’ Then we see videos of people in New York… NEW FREAKING YORK IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA repeatedly pass by a child who’s sleeping on the streets in winter. I mean, how does that happen? It wasn’t just one person that passed by. It was dozens upon dozens of people who looked at the kid and just started walking.

I question, would I do that if I wasn’t aware of the social responsibility that I bare by watching these videos and having these explosive emotions to these situations that I see? Would I be so consumed by the ‘herd mentality’ that I forget to be a human being?

The UNICEF social experiment gone wrong video will pull at your heart strings. Anano, a 6 year old actress dressed up as a homeless kid and also as a kid that looks like she’s from a good family ends up on the streets by herself. The reactions are one sided for sure. Can you guess which 6 year old Anano people paid more attention to?

At one point this man told a homeless Anano to go away and never come back here. “They were all telling me to go away,” said Anano. This is where the social experiment goes wrong. Watch the video. If you’re a sap like me, have a box of tissues and clutch your heart because it stings. You’ve been warned.