[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat a beautiful video of a Hero Father. I’m sure it’ll get a few people teary eyed, as it did for me. This video captures what it means to be a true father. What every father should strive to be, and do.

The video starts with a young boy watching a flamenco dancing video. Now, what would most fathers do in this situation. Tell him that dancing is for girls? Tell him to dream of becoming a police officer or a football player? Or support him and send him off to Flamenco dancing school?

Instead the father comes home and gives his son a judo uniform. For those unfamiliar with judo, it’s a form of martial arts. Every morning the father takes his son to judo class. At first he gets slammed. He’s hurting. He’s agonizing. The next morning he resumes.

He’s getting a little stronger. A little faster. He lifts those weights a bit more effortlessly with time. He progresses from a white belt to a yellow belt signifying that some times has passed and his skills have progressed. With each passing morning you see the same boys harassing the young kid. The kid with the white judo uniform under his big, winter jacket.

And all of this is NOT for the reasons you might think. Watch the video below to see what is truly meant to be a Hero Father.

If this video touches you even a little, this is what I got from watching the Hero Father. Keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to the life of our children. Stay interested. Stay inquisitive. Be aware of their dreams. Be vigilant of their fears. Support their dreams with love and understanding. Love them without judgement. Let’s all take a moment to take a peek into our children’s lives today and see if there’s room for us to be a Hero Father today.