momy hacker

Are You A Mommy Hacker?

I like to think we’re unicorns.

One of a kind.

The crème de la crème of parents.

We’re Mommy Hackers.

As new parents, we all have doubts about our abilities. We wonder if we’re a good mom, if what we’re doing is right or wrong, whether what we’re doing is good or bad for our kids… and the wheels in our head go on and on.

It’s always our belief that if these wheels in our head are turning, we’re probably a damn good mama.

So, we have a few very strong beliefs here at Mommy Life Hack about motherhood and parenting and want to share them with you… because this is about you. We’ve made our beliefs into our Mommy Anthem.

Mommy Anthem

  1. You are an amazing Mom.
  2. Do what works for your family, and screw the rest.
  3. Every mom will question whether they’re doing a good job. We just want to tell you, you’re an awesome mom!
  4. Parenting is a journey, not a competition.
  5. Take every parenting advice with a grain of salt. As they say, opinions are like a** holes, everyone’s got them.
  6. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re parenting wrong. What they want for their child doesn’t equal what you want for yours. When in doubt, refer to #4.
  7. Only you know what’s best for your family.
  8. Explore as many parenting styles and strategies to fit your family.
  9. Don’t wish to turn back the clock. Your past has passed and now you’re left with this gift. Be here, be present, and see the beauty that is you the way you are.
  10. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your child. Be good to yourself and LOVE the awesome person that you are.
  11. Mommy is #1. If you’re not your best, how can you be the best for those that matter the most?
  12. Parenting’s a tough gig. Understand that we’re ALL walking this journey together.
  13. We don’t care if you’re trying to raise your kid in a cave. If that’s what you think it takes to be the best mom you can be, your parenting choices are 100% correct.
  14. After having kids you’ll look in the mirror some days and notice you have 5 more wrinkles under your eyes, bags that look like it’s been drawn in with eye shadow, bald spots with gray hair, 2 more fistfuls of sudden fat…. WHAT??? you thought you were alone? Get outta here. Remember, we’re all walking the same journey.
  15. Ignoring parenting advice from 15 ignoramuses people and going with your gut is sometimes the best advice ever.
  16. No single parenting method will work for your child. What worked today won’t work tomorrow.
  17. Something that worked for one kid might not work for yours… Every kid is different!
  • As a mom, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s a new and differing opinion about everything. It gets tough navigating this jungle of parenthood so always keep in mind that when in doubt, stick to your gut instincts. There is NO one in this world that knows your child better than you.