Short and Sweet on Susan

Hi everyone!! My name’s Susan and I’m the creator of Mommy Life Hack. So who’s this crazy lady behind this site? I’m the mother to 2 beautiful kids, Keanu and Naya. From not liking kids and never wanting one I was convinced by my hair dresser into having one. And now, here I am with 2 who seemed to have found a way straight to the inner core of my heart. I didn’t want to be a “figure this shit out as you go” kind of mom to my kids. To me, this is the most important task that I’ll ever be given in my life. So I treat it as such. I read constantly on parenting form the top experts and I share that knowledge with you here.

Fast Facts

  • I’m obsessed with constant learning.  I’m consistently reading and listening to topics on parenting, psychology, self-development, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.

  • I studied Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics as a Pre-Med student at UCLA before dropping out during my third year in school.

  • I was a Champion Junior Golfer during my teens.

  • I suffered massive postpartum depression with both of my kids, with it lasting 1.5 years my second time around.

  • I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, now living in crazy hot and humid Panama 🙂

Here’s The Good Stuff. Why I Started  Mommy Life Hack Is Featured Below.