Who do you think of when you hear the word Confident?

Mark Zuckerberg, Taylor Swift, Oprah, Sir Richard Branson?

This isn’t a popularity contest and it doesn’t even matter what you personally think of them.



Like them or not, there’s something about them that captivates people. You feel glued to them when they speak. They’re the people you wish you could be around. You wish you could be them and live their life.

Ahhhh… only if you had just a tiny ounce of their “IT” thing.

And no, it’s not the money and success. Money and Success are the outcomes.

What they have is confidence. It’s what made them pursue what they did and never stop. Even when people were telling them that they were ridiculous. That their ideas were stupid. That they should give up now. 

It was the Confidence that they had in their ideas, themselves, their abilities that made them push through and conquer even if things were rough. Confidence is one of the foundations they needed for their achievements.

Why does confidence matter

Have you heard of a confident kid getting bullied to the point of trying to commit suicide, drop out of school, or run away? Rarely. It’s usually the shy, outcast, unhealthy, socially awkward kids that get bullied. 

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer here… it’s just the harsh reality! If we can’t face this simple reality ourselves, we’re essentially dooming our children.

How about a confident kid not wanting to participate in school activities because he was too shy? Rarely does that happen either. Kids who are confident enjoy being a part of something and being around people.

Confidence is the difference between your kid trying out for class president, or not. 

It’s the difference between trying out for the sports team, or not.

Also the difference between going up to a group of kids at the playground and asking to play with them, or not.

Confidence is the difference between your kid participating in life, or not.

It will open the doors of life and opportunity. It is the foundation they need to be super successful so they can make a difference in this world.

The Amazing Power of Words 

we the people

Words are so powerful that according to Entrepreneur.com, successful leaders say it’s one of the main reasons that a person will succeed or fail in life.

What does the world’s greatest public speaker have to say about the power of words? Here’s what Mohammed Qahtani had to say:

“A simple choice of word can make the difference between someone accepting or denying your message,” “Words have power. Words are power. Words could be your power,”

WHOA… think about that for a bit. That’s some major heavy stuff right there.

  • Words are one of the  main reasons that a person will succeed or fail in life
  • Words are power. It can be your power. 

Don’t agree?

Words have so much power that it has the ability to change history and completely shape an entire nation. Think Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

It has the power to make masses of people do horrible, unthinkable crimes against humanity. Think Hitler and the Nazi. Did you know that he was such a great speaker that he was able to win over an entire nation to do what they did? Just by using his words.

Words are so powerful that it will not just affect us, it’ll change us. There was research done and a book written about how words change our brains! Yes, our Brains!!

Positive words change our brain to strengthen thinking, reasoning, and resiliency.

Negative words have the power to change our brain so that it breaks down the ability to deal with stress and partially shuts down people’s reasoning and logic thinking.

Let’s not shut down our kids’ reasoning and logical thinking skills… shall we?

Speak So Kids Can Flourish

If words are so powerful that it can be the reason for someone winning or failing in life, then we must definitely choose the right ones to speak to our kids.

Since words are so powerful that it can change the history of our country by 1 single speech, we need to be convinced that what we repeat to our kids can change the direction of their lives as they grow up.

If words are so powerful that it’ll make a whole nation participate in murder and genocide, we need to make sure that there are certain things we dare not say to our kids.

So, here are some words to speak to your child to increase their confidence. The reason for them winning or failing in life. Repeat it loud and often. Let them be heard.

But more importantly, don’t ever underestimate the power of these spoken words and don’t ever deny the power you hold to guide your child’s life to the top.

32 Proven things to say to kids to boost their confidence

boost kids confidence

  1. I love you
  2. You make me happy
  3. I trust you
  4. I believe in you
  5. You can do it
  6. I am proud of you
  7. Failure is just another opportunity for you to learn and try again!
  8. You are perfect the way you are
  9. I‘m so lucky to have you in my life
  10. You are so creative
  11. Let’s solve the problem together
  12. I‘m grateful for you
  13. I‘m proud of your efforts
  14. I believe you
  15. You are loved
  16. What did you learn from that
  17. I value your opinion
  18. I love being your parent
  19. You have awesome ideas
  20. Let’s try your idea
  21. Your actions, big or small, make a difference
  22. That’s a great question
  23. You’re brave
  24. Not everyone will want to be your friend, and that’s totally fine
  25. What can you do to solve that problem?
  26. I make mistakes too
  27. I see you gave it your all, I’m proud of you for that
  28. You are awesome
  29. I’m sorry
  30. I’m always here for you
  31. It’s okay to feel stuck
  32. I know you won’t give up

The Most Important Stuff I Missed

I didn’t actually miss it. I saved the most important for last.
Please, don’t ever say these words as your kid’s watching TV and you’re cooking in the kitchen.
Don’t say these words as your kid’s running out of the car to get to class.

These words are meant to be felt, not heard. So Please…

  • Tell your kids like you mean every single letter of the word you’re speaking.
  • Feel the words in your heart as you hear it leave your breath.
  • Look your kids in the eyes so that every part of your love and sincerity in these words can be felt deep within your kids’ heart and it reaches their soul…

Here are my hopes for you are your family: I hope these words become an everyday part of your language for your family. I hope that your kids become everything they are destined to be. I hope their success becomes the reason this world is a better place and the reason one other human being is smiling. I hope your kids believe in these words without a single trace of doubt.

Are there any other phrases or words that you use in your family to boost your kids’ confidence? Please share with all the other parents who are on the parenting success journey with you!