I remember potty training my kids. It was absolute hell. The mess, clean ups, laundry, mopping, more laundry… it was hell for me. I wish I would’ve picked up a book… ANY book before I tried to reinvent the wheel.

There are a ton of potty training books but I decided to read and write about the one I’m sure most moms would be interested in… the 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen.

Not gonna lie… the “3 Day” did it for me. ‘Cause what parent wants to potty train for 30 days?

What Is 3 Day Potty Training By Lora Jensen

The 3 day Potty Training by Lora Jensen was created out of frustration from observing fellow family members and friends potty train their kids. I mean… potty training is usually a disaster.

potty training disaster


Lora Jensen would complain to her husband about how long potty training seemed to take for her friends and family, why her nephew was still in diapers at 5, or how she just thought everyone was potty training wrong.

At the suggestion of her husband, she decided to come up with her own potty training method, which is the 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen. The self-professed “Potty Training Queen” says she has trained her 5 boys, 3 of her 6 foster kids, and helped over 3,000 parents potty train their kids in 3 days or less.

I’m sure that would make anyone feel like they’re the absolute Queen of Potty training. I would NEVER have the patience to potty train 3,000 kids that aren’t mine. 

The Method To 3 Day Potty Training 

There’s no genius, super Ah-Ha moment strategy to this method. It’s just plain and simple consistency, patience, positive reinforcement, a lot of teeth grinding and flipping off your kid behind their backs. 

If I have to sum up this method in 3 few short steps, here it is:

  1. On the starting day of training, let your kid only wear undies and a shirt.
  2. Every time your kid starts to pee all over your floor, grab them, run to the toilet, and let them finish it off.
  3. Rinse (…literally), and repeat.

Obviously, her book covers a lot more than what I’m giving her credit for.

Like peeing and pooping regressions, potty training multiple kids at once, night time training (this was the worst for me… My son peed almost 4 times a week), FAQ’s, and a lot more.

Does It Work

The all-important question… does the 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen actually work? Does every method work 100% of the time for every family? That would be a hell no.

Every method, strategy, trend, or fad from potty training to discipline doesn’t work 100% of the time for every family. You have to try it, see if it fits your family and lifestyle, and judge for yourself.

Like any method out there, some people swear by it, and some people just straight swear at it. So to make the “method picking” process easier for you I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for you to consider when thinking about whether this method would be right for you.          

But again, you can’t judge it before trying it.

Pros: 3 Day Potty Training By Lora Jensen

  1. 3 days to a diaper-free lifestyle
  2. Her supporters swear by this method
  3. Child will learn to go potty during the day and night
  4. Teaches the child to ask to go to potty
  5. It encourages the child to potty by using positive reinforcement

You can read what one of her supporters have to say:

“ I was given this e-book in pdf format by a friend who swore by it. I am so glad that I took her advice and tried the method laid out in this book!! I had tired a previous method from another book and was feeling very defeated and frustrated! THIS book, however, has changed our world in less than 3 days! My daughter is 27 months old and “got it” after day one of using the 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen method! It took her the additional 2 days to perfect what she learned on day 1, but the accidents reduced significantly on Days 2 & 3. Here’s a break down of what happened during our 3 Day Potty Training experience:
DAY 1-she wore panties and a t-shirt all day…..had 13 accidents about 15-30 minutes apart before 1pm. It was hectic, messy and a little stressful, but we stayed positive and upbeat and chalked it up to “learning experiences” for our little one. We kept at it just like the book says and by the end of the day, she had 15-16 pee accidents, but was starting to get it. She didn’t resist sitting on the potty anymore because we gave her the power to tell us if she had to go (as the book explains). Also, she was learning that pee and poop in the panties is yucky and the toilet is where pee and poop go. Day 1 was crazy, exhausting, but looked promising.

DAY 2-Daughter woke up the night before about 10pm asking to potty! She pottied, went back to sleep and stayed dry all night until 6am! We were so shocked and happy! However, she had an accident on the way to the potty from her crib that morning. Oops! Wait, no need to be disappointed, she only had 1 other accident the WHOLE 2nd day! She communicated her need to go potty to us with our gentle reminders of “let’s keep our panties dry.” and “let us know if you have to potty, okay?”

DAY 3-She slept ALL night from 7:40pm until 6:15am with NO accidents! She had one accident all day! She’s doing amazing!!! Her communication of when she needs to potty is very clear, she goes, does her business and happily moves on to other things-no tears, no freak outs. Our life is so different from Day 1 now. This method actually has worked!! By the end of DAY 3, she held her pee for 4 hours! and then told us she had to potty and delivered once sitting on the potty. She stayed dry all night. SUCCESS!!

So for us, 3 days of potty training with the method laid out in the book worked and I am recommending it to everyone I know with un-potty trained toddlers! We are now a week out from the 3 day potty training and haven’t looked back to diapers even once. She’s back at daycare, pottying like a champ. Her teachers are amazed and so proud of her! Buy the book, it’s soooooo worth it! Just keep in mind that you will be locked at the hip with your toddler for 3 full days, not doing your own thing – texting, watching tv, surfing the web, gardening, etc. By the end of it, we enjoyed the close bonding time spent with our little girl and counted our personal time as a small sacrifice for a great reward! Everyone in our house is happier now! I will definitely be doing the same method with #2 when the time comes. GOOD LUCK!! :)”

Cons: 3 Day Potty Training By Lora Jensen

  1. Gets messy, very fast
  2. Some people say it doesn’t work in 3 days… hence, they swear at it
  3. If you have carpet in your house you’ll get it soaked with pee… and possibly poop
  4. A lot of parents have expressed complete frustration at the program
  5. It takes a lot of patience, discipline, and meditation to get through this program… and some middle finger flipping behind your kids back.

You can read what a frustrated parent had to say”

“When I purchased 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen at the beginning of 2015, Jensen had a guaranteed refund policy on her website. If you followed her method, got mentoring and did not see results, she would refund the money. Although I am angry at the way in which Jensen’s method failed with my daughter, my biggest grievance is that Jensen promised me this guarantee, has since removed the guarantee from her website (I suspect many others have had trouble like I did), and will not response to my request for a refund. She simply stopped responding to my ticket.

Now I will talk about the ways in which her method failed with my daughter. This method might work if you have a certain type of kid, but definitely not all kids.

1. We began 3 Day Potty Training when my daughter was 22 months old. Jensen claims that 22 months is a “magic age” when practically all children are ready for potty training, whether or not parents realize it. Yes, this is a gimmick. Despite the emphasis on “positive rewards,” potty training was a battle and failed. She simply wasn’t ready.

2. Jensen’s offer to “mentor” you through the process is basically worthless. It usually takes her 24 hrs or more to respond (and when you’re doing a “3 Day Method,” that is a lot of time!). Further, none of her responses offered me any extra or clarifying advice – it was more or less what was already written in her ebook. I knew this, because I read her ebook MANY times in order to follow it meticulously.

3. Later, we tried Jensen’s method when my daughter was 2 ½. This time she WAS ready… for daytime potty training. She responded well, until we got to night time. At night, Jensen insists you keep your child in underwear. NO DIAPERS, or else you risk sending mixed messages to your child. However, I have since learned that kids develop night-time bladder control at various rates in their early lives (some earlier, some later). My poor daughter’s bladder was not signaling her brain to wake her up when she had to pee, and therefore, she continuously wet the bed. This experience was TRAUMATIC for her. Suddenly, she was scared of the potty AND scared to go to sleep for fear of wetting the bed – no matter how I tried to console her. I wish this experience on no other parents or children.

4. Jensen’s night time method for dealing with bedwetting consists of waking the child to pee an hour after putting them to bed, and an hour before they wake up. Again, this was a DISASTER! My child was angry when I woke her and took her to the bathroom. She arched her back and refused to go. Thus, the bedwetting and sleep nightmares continued.

Thankfully, I stopped following Jensen’s method as she instructed and have since modified it to work with my daughter. Basically, we use 1 diaper at night (and as many other potty training experts will attest, there was NO confusion!) – and we waited until she was actually READY. Just watch for signs of potty training readiness, and the process will go SO much smoother. My daughter learned to train in about a day with positivity and much less stress on us both.

Meanwhile, Jensen stole from me a good portion of my time, my sanity, and $27. Please, don’t let her do the same to you.”

15 Success Secrets to 3 Day Potty Training 

These are the nuts and bolts of what makes the program work… according to Lora Jensen.

  1. They must show signs of readiness.
  2. Be completely committed to potty training for the entire 3 days… put your life on hold. Let it just be you and your family for the next 3 days. No outings, parties, gatherings, or socializing.
  3. Be patient, consistent, use positive reinforcements, and don’t break your cool… it’s only 3 days.
  4. Plan Ahead: what days you’ll dedicate for the 3 days, make sure it’s not a busy weekend, buy all supplies ahead of time.
  5. Get lots of underwear, panties, boxers, and rewards for positive reinforcement.
  6. Don’t use any punishments, humiliation, or negative behavior correction techniques.
  7. Train for day and night time training at the same time.
  8. Set up potty chairs in the bathroom and explain what they are for.
  9. Let the child toss out all the unused diapers while praising them that they are a big boy or girl.
  10. Your kid should have nothing but clean underwear and t-shirt on for potty training.
  11. Instruct your child by saying “Let mommy know when you have to go pee” but don’t ask it in a question.
  12. Repeat positive reinforcement and instructions over and over.
  13. Catch the child in the act of peeing and rush them to toilet.
  14. Keep an eye on your child at all times.
  15. Praise, praise, praise for every small success

My Personal Thoughts

Here are my personal thoughts, if you care to read…

My parenting motto is, and always will be, do what’s right for your family and screw the rest. Is this the only potty training method on the market? That’s a hell no. You’ll have to go through a ton of methods before you find the one that’s right for you.

Just because it worked for one family doesn’t’ mean it’ll work for yours. Just because it didn’t work for one family doesn’t mean it won’t work for yours, either.

The best thing to do is try each method, wait a month  in between each method, and see which is best suitable for your family and lifestyle.

Something to keep in mind, as frustrating as it may be to potty train, there isn’t an 18-year-old who still needs to wear diapers or pees in their bed. Eventually, your kid will learn to pee and poop in the toilet and you’ll be wondering where the time went. Heck, you might even miss these crazy moments that you had with your toddlers.

So be patient, don’t rush anything that seems unnatural, and take each moment day by day. One day your little ones will be diaper-less and you’ll enjoy with a glass of wine… or beer.

If you want to check out her book you can get it here.

3 day potty training by lora jensen

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